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Polish Jewish Youth Organization associates young Jews living in Poland. We are open to people coming from different backgrounds, and everyone will be welcomed regardless of their views of history or their walk of life. We aspire to involve all of the Jewish youth into the life of the community. We would like to create truly inclusive framework of Jewish life, one that would bring together all of the people, who are willing to participate. We put our vision into practice by organizing summer and winter camps and other seminars. We celebrate holidays together, we participate in all the important events of communal life.

We do not separate ourselves from the outside world, we offer open lectures and promote artistic and cultural activities of our members, which are often directed to the broad, non – Jewish audience. Everything that unites Jewish community is important to us. We are up to date with the daily life of the diaspora and the State of Israel. We follow the discussions in religious life and in the interpretation of the Jewish history. We also take part in public events, festivals and city-wide activities. We promote individual projects of our members. Throughout our activities, we build a community that is able to respond to the challenges of external world as well as to the needs and needs of our members.

We are a member organization of the European Union of Jewish Students as well as the World Union of Jewish Students umbrella.

Polish Jewish Youth Organization has a three-person Board: Joanna Baczko – president, Mateusz Majman – secretary and Karol Odoner – treasurer, and a three-person Oversight Commission: Daria Zmiejewa, Klara Jankiewicz and Aleksander Dobrzyński.

We are open to all forms of cooperation. We are also eager to share our thoughts and ideas. We can be reached by e-mail:

Please, support our efforts to develop Jewish youth environment in Poland by donating funds to the following bank account number:

IBAN: PL32 1160 2202 0000 0001 1182 1925