Summer University we Włoszech

Zapraszamy na tygodniowy program „Summer University” organizowany już od ponad 20 lat przez European Union of Jewish Students (EUJS) zrzeszające żydowskie organizacje młodzieżowe z całej Europy (w tym ZOOM). Przeczytajcie informacje, wejdźcie na ich stronę i jeśli jesteście zainteresowani napiszcie najpierw do nas: istnieją możliwości dofinansowania.

Year after year, since 1984, the last week of August has become a right of passage for some six hundred European Jewish students, in a fresh and dynamic European Jewish tradition. Now known as Summer University—the single largest European Jewish event to occur every year, it is one of Europe’s largest and most successful youth programs. Summer University is about sharing new ideas, views, and dreams. It is about discovering yourself, having a lot of fun, connecting with your community, and experiencing a vibrant, energetic, and engaging Jewish life.

This year EUJS has decided to bring its largest annual event next to Rome between the 26th of August and the 2nd of September 2007. Rome is home to one of the oldest Jewish Community in Europe, predating even the advent of Christianity, Today it is still home to a thriving, active, and prosperous Jewish community. Exploiting this Jewish heritage and continuity, EUJS will bring this year’s largest Jewish youth gathering to the home of pasta, pizza and the Godfather – Italy.

While at Summer U you will have the opportunity to do everything from making new friends from all over Europe and discussing the Jewish world and its challenges, to partying late into the night, playing sports, living a full Jewish life, and much more. All this in a natural and luxurious environment, making this the event that you cannot afford to miss!

Conditions :
untill friday 29 june 07: 385€
untill friday 27 july 07: 420€
untill friday 10 august 07: 450€


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